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Stone + Straw

Mar 20, 2019

Host John Cullen travels to Thunder Bay, Ontario, for the Tour Challenge to interview Winnipeg's own Jason Gunnlaugson. Though Gunnlaugson has yet to win a Manitoba title, his team has been consistently ranked in the top 20 in the world and he won a silver at the 2013 Olympic Trials as the fifth for John Morris. Despite a lack of titles, Jason has had one of the more unique paths a curler could have, from his surprise appearance at the 2009 Olympic Trials to playing for Russia to currently leading the analytics movement in the game. Simply put, there's no one on Earth who thinks about the game more than Jason Gunnlaugson does. And John and Jason cover it all, from his days playing poker to support his curling habit, how close he came to quitting, what analytics means for the game, and just what happened when the Russian Curling Federation came knocking on his door.

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